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Daily Summer Tours
9-12 and 1-4

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Half Day Tours
Enjoy paddling Castine’s historic coastline as you observe Castine’s hillside village from a kayaker’s perspective. We'll meander through classic wooden sailboats moored in the harbor and paddle amongst the coastal islands of Castine Bay. Visit beaches and examine sea life above and below the water and learn a bit about the history and current events of Castine.. Every trip includes instruction geared toward each individual's skills, for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. Our small group to guide ratio allows us to make every trip exciting and unique! All necessary gear provided!
Half day   9-12 and 1-4      $55  pp.

Full Day Paddles
A full day adventure allows time for in-depth exploration of all the incredible wonders this coastline has to offer.  Marvel at the wonder of reversing falls.  Explore the life beneath the surface, starfish, urchins and more.  Experience  dramatic 12 foot  tidal changes. Paddle among seals, ospreys, eagles and herons. Enjoy an excellent lunch  at a  scenic island location.       
Full Day  9 am-3pm $105 w/lunch  
Sunset Tours
Experience the beauty of a Maine sunset on the water in the mystical twilight hours as the colors of the sky and water merge and blend. Complement your experience by dining before or after at one of Castine's great restaurants.
Tour: 2 hours $45 per person
 (sunset included)

Sunrise Awakenings
Awaken to the sights and sounds of dawn as your kayak gently slices through  the smooth, glassy morning water. Indulge yourself in an island breakfast of coffee and baked goods from a local eatery. Wed mornings or by arrangement. Please schedule ahead.
Tour: 2 hours $55 w/coffee and muffins
           (min. 4 paddlers)

Bioluminescent Night Paddle
Maine's very own Bioluminescent Bay!
Featured in DownEast Magazine Sept. 2004 !
Yankee Magazine Editors Choice~Best Night Paddle 2013
Experience an unforgettable evening paddle in Castine Harbor under a blanket of stars and in the midst of bioluminescent organisms of the water that swirl and light up with every stroke of your paddle. Fascinating! Castine's Harbor is Maine'sown Bioluminescent Bay with a unique ecosystem that creates the perfect environment for these glow in the dark phytoplankton to survive and multiply.We'll explore the constellations of the stars of the night sky immersed in the bioluminescent stars of the water!
We gather just prior to sunset and after getting outfitted with lifejackets, paddles and lights we head to the docks with our Maine Guide for paddling instruction and then launch our kayaks into the calm mystical night waters of Castine's Bioluminescent Bay… as the light fades the water begins to glow! We have Double and Single kayaks, allowing beginners and experienced kayakers to enjoy this amazing experience!
Offered every Friday and Saturday night and other evenings by request!

Tour:  approx. 2 1/2-3 hours  $55

Best Dates when it is darkest 2015!
Book any night with 4 or more paddlers!

June 5- June 16 Friday, Sat 6/5, 6/26, 6/12, 6/13,
June 17: Sunset/Crescent Moonset/Bioluminescence!
June 18:
Sunset/ Moonset/Bioluminescence..Spectacular!
July 5-July 18 Dark/no moon! Fri, Sat,7/10, 7/1, 7/18, 7/19
Aug 4-Aug 16: Dark! 8/7, 8/8, 8/14, 8/15
Aug 12 Perseid Meteor Showers! Peaking on 8/11-8/15

Sept 10-14 ACADIA NIGHTSKY FESTIVAL! Stargazing &Bioluminescent Night Paddles!-

Other Night time Spectacular Event Paddles!
May 24 Saturn at its closest approach to earth! See rings and moons!
Aug 12 Perseid Meteor Showers! Peaking on 8/11-8/15
Best Dates for Moonlit Paddles!
June 26-28: Moonlit Night Paddles (Fri, Sat, Sun)
July 23- 29: Moonlit Night Paddles
Aug 22-31: Moonlit Night Paddles

Full Moon Paddles (Moonlight Paddles!)
July 1 and July 2: Sunset/Moonrise FULL MOON PADDLE!
July 31: BLUE MOON/FULL MOON PADDLE 2nd full moon in month!
Aug 29 and 30: FULL MOON PADDLE!

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